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About Cindi

Sex and sobriety - a pretty unique combination and a topic that many people avoid. After finding recovery from alcohol in November 2016, I struggled with how to combine my professional experience in sexuality education and my newfound passion for helping women on their sober journey. Why weren't women talking about sex in the meeting rooms? Was I the only one struggling with confidence in the bedroom without the mask of alcohol? The more I started the conversations, the more women opened up. So many women are navigating intimate relationships in sobriety and have concerns, questions and fear. That's when I realized that talking about sex openly is a gift and I wanted to share my knowledge with the recovery community!

My clients would describe me as a positive motivator, attentive listener and gentle teacher that also tells it like it is. I want to focus on the future while acknowledging your past and helping you move through the difficult stuff. I know it can be scary or difficult to ask for help and to open up your world to another person. Knowing this, I take special care to provide a relaxed, supportive and non-judgemental space for you. 


My Background

My Experience, My Education, My Why:

I have been devoted to serving the public health community for over 25 years. After earning my Master's degree in Health Education, I knew that I wanted to specialize in the field of human sexuality and help shatter the taboo around the gift of sex. I worked in the community health setting and the hospital system and gained more public health knowledge with each new endeavor.

For 13 years, I built a prosperous $2.6 million business in the network marketing industry. I not only had one of the largest teams in the multi-million dollar company, but I served on the esteemed Board of Directors for 8 years. In this position, I was able to train thousands of consultants in sexual health education and product knowledge (yep, we sold sex toys!)      I retired from the company in 2016 to create my dream job of motivational speaking and sexual health consulting. My zone of genius was (and still is) helping individuals feel more confident about their own sexuality and intimate relationships.

Then, my entire world shifted once again. I sobered up. I was a mom that fell into the drinking-mom culture, creating excuses to improve my wine ninja skills at any social event. I watched my mom (my BFF and the reason to shine as a co-dependent) slowly die from alcoholism until she couldn't fight it any longer. I was the primary caregiver of a terminally ill parent while simultaneously learning to navigate post-divorce life with 2 teenagers.

Wine became my medicine to heal my soul.

I continued to function as a "gray-area" drinker, in denial from thinking alcoholism was going to be story. All my friends drank. Every event I attended had alcohol. I thought I'd be different from my mom, but I wasn't. 11/14/16 - I realized I couldn't be the best partner, the best mom, the best CINDI if I continued to consume a bottle(ish) of pinot grigio every night. I wanted better. I immersed myself into everything sobriety - all the books, podcasts, social media accounts. While I continued to teach and speak, I realized I wanted to learn more about alcohol, co-dependency, and the process of recovery from addiction. I wanted to help others and shine a positive light on this freaking amazing thing called sobriety. I wanted to give other women hope that life CAN be better without alcohol. In 2018, I decided to earn my certificate as a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Professional Recovery Coach from the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches. I also completed the She Recovers Coaching program to help women in recovery from a variety of issues.    So, I talk about sex, alcohol, grief, divorce, intimacy.... all of it! 

I live in beautiful Colorado with my sweet love and we are now figuring out this empty nest phase after 12 years of co-parenting 4 teenagers/kidults (you know, not quite adults and still our kids). I am actively involved in recovery community and I'm so excited about where my life is headed as a sober warrior!

Rave Reviews

Some love from colleagues and clients

I can’t think of anyone who approaches advising and educating women of all ages on sex, sexuality, and how their bodies work with more genuine exuberance and flair! If you want to straight talk about sexual health with a side of sparkle, Cindi has decades of experience to draw upon and delivers the information you need in an approachable style with her signature humor.

Danielle W.

Cindi has an extensive background on many subjects but one of them is sexual health. She would train thousands of women on how to sell intimate products properly and it was always well received. She really knows how to make the information fun and break it down so it is easy to understand. She was one of top requested trainers to come back each year to teach more information. Especially since this subject arena is constantly changing and she stays on top of current data at all times. She is an asset with her expertise and presentation style.

Dana H.

"I've known Cindi for many years and have seen her speak at national events to hundreds of people and also to smaller, more intimate groups. Her knowledge, inspiration and the way she goes about engaging her audience is truly amazing. You want to hang on every word and trust in all she is sharing. She is not someone to miss, and I'm honored to have had the time with her that I have."

Connie R.

Cindi helped my stay on this recovery path when I really wanted to give up. I needed someone to confide in about my issues with alcohol and also tell me the no-BS truth when I was resisting. She listens like an attentive girlfriend while being a professional who knows her stuff. And because she's been through addiction, I knew she got me.

Kim R.

Sex when you are sober? Who would have thought that would be my hang-up but it was and Cindi helped empower me to make healthy choices. She wasn't afraid to tell me specific techniques to use in my intimate relationship so that I could find that spark we had lost. My partner and I are both thankful for her!!

Rachel M.

I got on the call with Cindi for our scheduled session, but what I really wanted to do is hide under my covers and disappear. As soon as I heard her voice I knew there was no turning back because somehow she has this magical ability to make you feel safe, seen, and understood without you even having made a beep yet. An hour later I got off the call feeling 1000lbs lighter. Because that is how heavy the stuff from your childhood feels like when you shove it inside. And you don't know that until you work through it with someone who knows her shit inside-out and outside-in. I have had the good fortune in this life to have built a world class support team, from naturopaths and holistic doctors to energy workers and talented psychics, but up until that point (being on the phone with Cindi) I had not been able to have had the courage to seek the help that I received from her. And I absolutely owe that to her ability to be so amazingly trustworthy, knowledgeable, compassionate, direct, yet extremely nurturing, intuitive, and an all-around brilliant badass! I felt seen, heard and understood, but most importantly, I felt like I was the only person that mattered most to her during our time together, and that is one of the gifts she was born with. Because to do the work that she does, you need to have the innate ability to make the person on the other end feel that they are loved unconditionally and they matter. It is then and only then, when one is able to let go of the heavy burden of the guilt of the past! And letting go of that guilt, well, that was everything, and it was the healing piece I had been searching for my whole life!

Yola M.

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